clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.output / CliktConsole


interface CliktConsole

An object that is used by commands and parameters to show text to the user and read input.

By default, stdin and stdout are used, but you can provide an implementation of this interface to Context.console to customize the behavior.


Name Summary
lineSeparator The line separator to use. (Either “\n” or “\r\n”)abstract val lineSeparator:String


Name Summary
print Show some text to the user.abstract fun print(text:String, error:Boolean):Unit
promptForLine Show the prompt to the user, and return a line of their response.abstract fun promptForLine(prompt:String, hideInput:Boolean):String?


Name Summary
InteractiveCliktConsole class InteractiveCliktConsole :CliktConsole
NonInteractiveCliktConsole class NonInteractiveCliktConsole :CliktConsole