clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.parameters.arguments / Argument


interface Argument

A positional parameter to a command.

Arguments can take any number of values.


Name Summary
completionCandidates Optional set of strings to use when the user invokes shell autocomplete on a value for this val completionCandidates:CompletionCandidates
help The description of this argument.abstract val help:String
helpTags Extra information about this argument to pass to the help formatter.abstract val helpTags:Map<String,String>
name The metavar for this argument.abstract val name:String
nvalues The number of values that this argument takes.abstract val nvalues:Int
parameterHelp Information about this argument for the help output.abstract val parameterHelp: Argument?
required If true, an error will be thrown if this argument is not given on the command line.abstract val required:Boolean


Name Summary
finalize Called after this command’s argv is parsed to transform and store the argument’s value.abstract fun finalize(context:Context, values:List<String>):Unit
postValidate Called after all of a command’s parameters have been finalized to perform validation of the final value.abstract fun postValidate(context:Context):Unit


Name Summary
ArgumentDelegate An argument that functions as a property delegateinterface ArgumentDelegate<out T> :Argument,ReadOnlyProperty<CliktCommand, T>
ArgumentTransformContext A receiver for argument transformers.class ArgumentTransformContext :Argument