clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.parameters.groups / ParameterGroup


interface ParameterGroup


Name Summary
groupHelp A help message to display for this group.abstract val groupHelp:String?
groupName The name of the group, or null if parameters in the group should not be separated from other parameters in the help output.abstract val groupName:String?
parameterHelp open val parameterHelp: Group?


Name Summary
finalize Called after this command’s argv is parsed and all options are validated to validate the group constraints.abstract fun finalize(context:Context, invocationsByOption:Map<Option,List<Invocation>>):Unit
postValidate Called after all of a command’s parameters have been finalized to perform validation of the final values.abstract fun postValidate(context:Context):Unit


Name Summary
OptionGroup A group of options that can be shown together in help output, or restricted to be class OptionGroup :ParameterGroup,ParameterHolder
ParameterGroupDelegate interface ParameterGroupDelegate<out T> :ParameterGroup,ReadOnlyProperty<CliktCommand, T>