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clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.core

Package com.github.ajalt.clikt.core


Name Summary
CliktCommand abstract class CliktCommand :ParameterHolder
The CliktCommand is the core of command line interfaces in Clikt.
Context class Context
A object used to control command line parsing and pass data between commands.
GroupableOption interface GroupableOption :Option
An option that can be added to a ParameterGroup
NoRunCliktCommand open class NoRunCliktCommand :CliktCommand
A CliktCommand that has a default implementation of that is a no-op.
ParameterHolder interface ParameterHolder


Name Summary
ParameterHolderDsl annotation class ParameterHolderDsl


Name Summary
Abort class Abort :RuntimeException
An internal error that signals Clikt to abort.
BadParameterValue open class BadParameterValue :UsageError
A parameter was given the correct number of values, but of invalid format or type.
CliktError open class CliktError :RuntimeException
An exception during command line processing that should be shown to the user.
IncorrectArgumentValueCount open class IncorrectArgumentValueCount :UsageError
An argument was supplied but the number of values supplied was incorrect.
IncorrectOptionValueCount open class IncorrectOptionValueCount :UsageError
An option was supplied but the number of values supplied to the option was incorrect.
MissingParameter open class MissingParameter :UsageError
A required parameter was not provided
MutuallyExclusiveGroupException open class MutuallyExclusiveGroupException :UsageError
NoSuchOption open class NoSuchOption :UsageError
An option was provided that does not exist.
PrintHelpMessage class PrintHelpMessage :CliktError
An exception that indicates that the command’s help should be printed.
PrintMessage class PrintMessage :CliktError
An exception that indicates that a message should be printed.
UsageError open class UsageError :CliktError
An internal exception that signals a usage error.


Name Summary
context fun <T :CliktCommand>T.context(block:Context.Builder.() ->Unit):T
Configure this command’s Context.
findObject fun <T :Any>CliktCommand.findObject():ReadOnlyProperty<CliktCommand,T?>
Find the closest object of type T, or nullfun <T :Any>CliktCommand.findObject(default: () ->T):ReadOnlyProperty<CliktCommand,T>
Find the closest object of type T, setting context.obj if one is not found.
requireObject fun <T :Any>CliktCommand.requireObject():ReadOnlyProperty<CliktCommand,T>
Find the closest object of type T, or throw a NullPointerException
subcommands fun <T :CliktCommand>T.subcommands(commands:Iterable<CliktCommand>):T
fun <T :CliktCommand>T.subcommands(vararg commands:CliktCommand):T
Add the given commands as a subcommand of this command.