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fun <T : Any> ParameterHolder.mutuallyExclusiveOptions(option1: OptionDelegate<out T?>, option2: OptionDelegate<out T?>, vararg options: OptionDelegate<out T?>, name: String? = null, help: String? = null): MutuallyExclusiveOptions<T, T?>

Declare a set of two or more mutually exclusive options.

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fun ParameterHolder.option(vararg names: String, help: String = "", metavar: String? = null, hidden: Boolean = false, envvar: String? = null, helpTags: Map<String, String> = emptyMap(), completionCandidates: CompletionCandidates? = null, valueSourceKey: String? = null, eager: Boolean = false): RawOption

Create a property delegate option.

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abstract fun registerOption(option: GroupableOption)

Register an option with this command or group.