clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.core / Context / Builder


class Builder


Name Summary
<init> Builder(command:CliktCommand, parent:Context? = null)


Name Summary
allowInterspersedArgs If false, options and arguments cannot be mixed; the first time an argument is encountered, all remaining tokens are parsed as arguments.var allowInterspersedArgs:Boolean
autoEnvvarPrefix The prefix to add to inferred envvar names.var autoEnvvarPrefix:String?
console The console that will handle reading and writing text.var console:CliktConsole
expandArgumentFiles If true, arguments starting with @ will be expanded as argument files. If false, they will be treated as normal arguments.var expandArgumentFiles:Boolean
helpFormatter The help formatter for this commandvar helpFormatter:HelpFormatter
helpOptionMessage The description of the help option.var helpOptionMessage:String
helpOptionNames The names to use for the help option.var helpOptionNames:Set<String>
printExtraMessages Set this to false to prevent extra messages from being printed automatically.var printExtraMessages:Boolean
tokenTransformer An optional transformation function that is called to transform command linevar tokenTransformer:Context.(String) ->String