clikt / com.github.ajalt.clikt.core / ParameterHolder


interface ParameterHolder


Name Summary
registerOption Register an option with this command or group.abstract fun registerOption(option:GroupableOption):Unit

Extension Functions

Name Summary
mutuallyExclusiveOptions Declare a set of two or more mutually exclusive <T :Any>ParameterHolder.mutuallyExclusiveOptions(option1:OptionDelegate<T?>, option2:OptionDelegate<T?>, vararg options:OptionDelegate<T?>, name:String? = null, help:String? = null):MutuallyExclusiveOptions<T, T?>
option Create a property delegate option.funParameterHolder.option(vararg names:String, help:String= "", metavar:String? = null, hidden:Boolean= false, envvar:String? = null, envvarSplit:Regex? = null, helpTags:Map<String,String> = emptyMap(), completionCandidates:CompletionCandidates? = null):RawOption


Name Summary
CliktCommand The CliktCommand is the core of command line interfaces in Clikt.abstract class CliktCommand :ParameterHolder
OptionGroup A group of options that can be shown together in help output, or restricted to be class OptionGroup :ParameterGroup,ParameterHolder